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Sunday, February 15th, 2004
9:28 pm

HP: 'Just One Little Change' by Cave Canem
*very* good TimeTravel. Wish it had been longer, but still a great read, especially the Snape dialogue.

HP: 'In Vino Veritas' by McKay

HP: most of the stories from the Neville Fuh-Q Fest

HP: 'Lucifer Must Have Wept So' by Meatball

HP: 'Courtship Dance Series' by Sylvadin (part 6 - the longest so far - isn't archived yet, it was posted to the Snape_Hagrid Y!G)

HP: 'Shoe Box' (and additional stuff) by Kimagure
Remus/Bill. Hmmmm...

TNG: 'My Fair Jeanne' by Ruth Gifford
reread. One of the first gender-bender stories I've read. Picard/Q. Wonderful, wonderful story. Highly recommended, even if you're just a little bit interested in P/Q slash.

HP: 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered' by musesfool
Remus/Sirius, James/Lily

HP: 'A Biddable Man' by Laura Beth

HP: 'The Snape-Gossford Curse' by Sentinel Cat

HP: 'The Smallest Slytherin' by Rebecca Webb
Didn't quite make it to the end.

HP: 'Quid Pro Quo' by Aucta Sinistra

HP: 'Finder's Fee' by Gateway Girl

HP: 'Visit to Floor Four' by Mark

HP: 'As You Wish' by darth_stitch
SS/HP Princess Bride Spoof. Unfinished.

HP: 'The Eumenides' by Obsessed One

HP: 'Like That' by Juliette

HP: Various Snape Filks

HP: 4th wave of the HP/SS FF (you need the password, it's available here)
I might or might not do an annotated list of all the stories once I've read all of them. So far, the results are mixed: I've found 2 or 3 really good ones, but I've also stopped reading 4 or 5 after a couple of paragraphs. Also, some are only 5-10K, which for me is extremely unsatisfying.

ladyjaida has written absolutely hilarious fandom summaries, you should go and read them, whether you're active in these or not:
Harry Potter, Weiss Kreuz, Lord of the Rings
Sharpe's, Gensoumaden Saiyuki, Pirates of the Caribbean
Good Omens, Get Backers, Rurouni Kenshin, The Prophecy, RPS (mostly LOTRips)
screamingly funny.

in the "Non-fic, but brilliant" category, iamsab writes about about Londo Mollari of the House Mollari. *falls back, once again, into the B5 love*

Also, this picture (by Yoflam) is brilliant. (Snape. And ... "Harry").

[I think I'm missing some stuff. If I remember, I'll add it in the next update]

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Wednesday, February 11th, 2004
8:55 pm

XF: 'Second Grace I - IV' by Logan

XF/AtS: 'Janus' by Kit Mason

XF: 'Perfect Partners' by Megaera

XF: 'Dark Angel's Fire' by Megaera
reread, M/K/other

XF: 'Double Trouble' by Megaera
reread, M/K/other

XF: 'Dancing in the Shadows' by Morticia

XF: 'Departure: 1, 2, 2.5, 3' by Imajiru

HP: 'The Visitor' by switchknife

HP: 'Lucifer Must Have Wept So' by Meatball

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Tuesday, February 10th, 2004
8:04 pm

XF: 'A Fish Called Krycek' by bernice
reread. M/K AU. Absolute classic - if you haven't read this yet, do so now.

related stories by other writers that somehow I never read before, but devoured now:

'The Further Adventures of a Fish Called Krycek' by Karen-Leigh
'I'm dreaming of a Mer Christmas' by Jane Symons
'Fish Fucked Fabulous' by Maria M

HP: 'Promise' by McKay

HL: 'Vital Statistics' by Diana DeShaun

AtS: 'Office Politics' by Vampire Fever

HP: 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place' by Isolde
reread. SS/HP

HP: 'Liminal' by Isolde

HP: 'Prefatory' by Isolde

HP: 'Minor Arcana 1: Declaro' by Isolde
reread. various pairings

HP: 'Minor Arcanan 2: Pervinco' by Isolde

HP: 'Tying Up Loose Beginnings' by I Got Tired of Waiting

HP: 'A Little Bit Of Alright' by I Got Tired of Waiting

HP: 'Side Effects' by Mimine

HP: 'Losing Again' by Amalin
James/Lucius. Skimmed, mostly, because I really can't see it.

HP: 'A Perfect Match' by Geena

HP: 'Post OotP WiP beginning' by Ellen Fremedon

LotR: 'Unfinished Fic Snips' by musesfool

DS: 'Epic Due South AU WiP' by Sylvia

HP: 'Snape/Harry Marriage WiP' by Telanu

HP: 'That Afterlife Thing' by Isis
Snape/Black, Snape/Regulus WiP

HP: 'Always Series' by Geri
haven't read all of it, I just started with the series. Dunno yet if I'll keep reading

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Friday, February 6th, 2004
11:50 pm

HP: 'True Lies' by Kaiz
6 parts - scroll forward through the posts. HL/Brimstone XO. *weeps* Why does this have to be an abandoned WiP?

HP: 'A Night To Remember' by Abbey Road
mpreg. *watches everyone run away screaming*

HP: 'The Rider' by Minx
interesting pov (just not quite my pairing)

HP: random thingie by iibnf
made me snarf, and made me want a sequel thingie.

rackhamrose has a wonderful challenge ("Write a confession about love - don't include the word 'love'), that resulted in some very good X, YnM and Utena fic. Links are in the comments.

HP: 'Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent' by ClueGirl
I've seen a number of glowing recs for this, but ... dunno. Didn't work for me. I usually like AUs, and don't mind dark, but this... for some reason, misses me completely.

HP: 'Untitled Dark Snapledore Fic' by ntamara
dead WiP.

HP: 2 unfinished snippets (one Petunia, one Snape) by musesfool
I would *love* to see more of the 2nd one. Well, the first one, too, but the Snape one would be interesting

HP: 'Rumours' by Drake of Dross
re-read. Wonderfully funny (but does have a squickly scene in the middle).

HP: 'Truth or Dare' by FluffyLlama
wonderful and hot. want more.

HP: 'Undone' by Rose Rovente

BtVS: 'Mine Eyes Dazzle' by musesfool
spoiler for AtS 5x12. Xander visits LA. I adore this to pieces.

SV: 'Redshift
sequel to 'Negative Space' (found at same URL). I like this AU.

BtVS: 'Gilesficathon', run by wolfling
I've started to read my way through this, will continue with the rest tomorrow.

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
11:59 pm

started reading through the Snape/Lupin Fuh-Q Fest:

HP: 'Jagged Edge' by Lee
stopped reading 2 or 3 pages down

HP: 'Hidden Memories' by Diana Williams

HP: 'In Want of a Husband' by Naltariel

HP: 'An Elephant in the Parlour' by Marks

HP: 'If He Tries Anything' by Pocket Witch

HP: 'For Life' by McKay

HP: 'The Master and the Wolf' by ntamara

HP: 'Forbidden Thoughts' by Juxian Tang

HP: 'Time Heals All Wounds' by Lady Feylene

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
7:57 pm

HP: 'Scars' by Nicolae

HP: 'Ascension' by malfoypatriach

HP: 'Adjustments' by Nikita
mpreg - readable mpreg, but it's an unwarned-for WiP, with a "there's more to the story, but first I need lots and lots of feedback" - which pretty much guarantees that the author goes on my "never ever feedback this person" list.

Also caught up with all the communities listed in the UserInfo.

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Monday, February 2nd, 2004
11:19 pm

I spent most of my time Thu - Sun working my way through my email backlog - and when I say backlog, I mean about 80% of all emails received since Jan 2001. I haven't managed to clean out my inbox once since then (and I've been on more than 100 MLs on average all this time), so I've spent most of that time cross-eyed and with a headache from hell, and not reading anything else but subject lines and maybe quickly browsing posts. Not that I'm finished now, all I've done is weed out all non-fiction posts. I still have many many messages of fanfiction to weed through, and decide whether to save or delete. But that can be a background task now.

Today I went back to reading with a vengeance:

HP: 'Shelter the Foe' by switchknife

HP: 'Way of the World' by McKay
Snape/Lupin. WiP. Lupin has left the Wizarding World. Snape shows up on his doorstep, wanting to learn how to do the same.

HP: 'An Ordinary World' by Zillah
same plot and pairing as above, but this time, *not* a humor story

HP: 'Baphomet I' by Ptxy
stopped in the first quarter

HP: 'Stealing Harry' by Sam
must rec when finished. 17 parts so far. Navigate the story by editing the filename from 'secret1.htm' to 'secret2.htm', etc.

HP: 'A Year in the Life' by Sam
Lupin/McGonagall! *love*

HP: 'Conjugal Visit' by _geekie_
Lucius/Narcissa *squee*

HP: 'A Night To Remember' by Abbey Road
mpreg. Didn't finish, but it's still on the ebook.

WK: 'Noose' by Viridian5
after Glühen. Yoji doesn't remember his past, but it's come back to get him. *YUM*

HP: 'Persuasion' by McKay

HP: 'Blood for a Parched Tongue' by amanuensis1

BtVS: 'The Waking' by Mad Poetess
Giles. ... just read it.

AtS: 'Connection' by nikitangel
spoilers for Angel 5x11. Thus no summary - but it has Faith.

BtVS/AtS: 'Beg to Differ' by Rabid/Raeann

PetShop of Horrors fanfic by raison d'etat

HP: 'Shattered' by Nym
*finally* finished. I've seen people reccing it up and down my friendslist today, so I'm looking forward to going off to bed with this story on my ebook.

Good night!

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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
10:25 pm

HP: 'Changes' by LeoGryffin

HP: 'Whiskey and Vodka' by Setissma

HP: 'Bottom's Up' by The Treacle Tart

HP: 'Sojourn' by The Treacle Tart

HP: 'The Master and the Wolf' by ntamara

HP: 'Wishes and Dreams' series by Diana Williams
partially rereads

HP: a bunch of other stories by Diana Williams, all rereads

Bible: 'Unspoken' by Kass
oooohhhhhh lovely...

Bible: 'Jesus, God and a Girl' by Elais

Narnia: 'Peter in Love' by Tosca

Secret Garden: 'Letter Home' by penknife

The Sandman: 'Alike in Ignorance' by Eleanor K.

Utena: 'In Opposition to Roses' by Kanna-Ophelia

Weiss Kreuz: 'White' by torch

X: 'Splinter' by sai
*is melted puddle, will slowly ooze towards bed now*

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Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
10:49 pm

[this combines yesterday and today]

'Song of the Beast' by Carol Berg

HP: 'Just Like Breathing' by DementorDelta
smutlet from her 'The Devil Will Drag You Under' story.

HP: 'In Dreams' by BethBethBeth

SV: 'Negative Space' by Kieyra
AU: Smallville set 100 years in the future. Also very good.

'The Viscount Who Loved Me' by Julia Quinn

GW: 'Acherontia Atropos' and 'Pyractomena Borealis' by Katsu
reread. some of the best GW AU there is.

GW: 'The Confessor Series' and 'Mord-Sith!' by Annabelle
reread. *wails* on the incomplete-ness of Mord-Sith!...

backposts from mutant_allies: I caught up with posts about Angel 5x05 - 5x10

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Sunday, January 25th, 2004
11:00 pm

HP: 'Skin Deep', 'A Lesser Light' and 'That The Night Come' by Sparrowhawk

HP: various drabbles by Sparrowhawk

HP: 'The Untouchable' by switchknife

also caught up with all the communities I read (listed on the userinfo page)

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Saturday, January 24th, 2004
11:51 pm

there was no update yesterday, because I didn't read anything yesterday, besides my friends-list. *marks day in calendar*

HP: 'Once Upon A Time in Egypt' by Josan
Snape, Bill, ancient Egypt.

HP: 'A Night Alone' by Wishful Dreamer
Sirius, James (also Remus, Harry, Snape). I like the idea more than the story itself. Dunno why - just didn't engage me emotionally at all.

LotR: 'Pretty Good Year' by Mary Borsellino

HP: 'Werewolves Mate For Life' by mousapelli
I'm not sure if I should snicker or pity Remus

Currently reading my way through mousapelli's HP stories.

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
8:28 pm

'How To Marry A Marquis' by Julia Quinn
'The Duke and I' by Julia Quinn
historical romance novels (regency?). I'm enjoying them a lot, and am glad I have more in the same series.

Bible: 'Olive' by melthalion

HP: 'So Hard To Find Good Help' by Ellen Smithee

LotR: fanart squee

also watched Angel 5x09 and 5x10.

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6:52 am

HP: 'Oscillate Wildly' by Marks

HP: 'Seasons of Mist' by McKay
it's a soap-opera-ish story posted 3 times a week, up to part 25 now. I don't do well with WiPs or serials, I prefer to read stuff in one large gulp, but I finally decided I wanted to see what has been written so far. Ended up printing it out at work so I could read it on the tram to uni, and then home.

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
11:27 pm

'Hominids' by Robert J. Sawyer
finished book today.

HP: 'The Tracker' by SinhoBadaro

HP: 'The Trail of the Black Star' by Mundungus42

HP: 'Hidden Within' by JestersTear

HP: 'Object of Desire' by Azrael

WK: 'Against my better Judgement' by Selfie Tilmit
reread. this is a crossover with Lara Croft: Lara wants both Aya and Crawford to come along to retrieve an artefact. Along the way, they bond. I was very surprised to see this work, but... well, it does. will rec (now that I've found it again)

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Monday, January 19th, 2004
9:39 pm

HP: 'No Room at the Inn' by Dementor Delta
reread. Snape/Harry

HP: 'Cure for Insomnia' by sociofemme

LotR: 'DethenorFaramir Snippet' by darth_stitch

HP: 'Time for All Things' by Meri

HP: 'Headonist' by electricandroid

'Hominids' by Robert J. Sawyer
I'm liking this one a lot: There's an Alternative Universe where the Neanderthals became the dominant species. Due to an accident, a Neanderthal physicist lands in our universe, while back in his own universe, his partner finds himself blamed for murder.
I really like anthropological fiction, and this one so far is one of the best I've read. The only drawback is that I can already see what he's setting up with some plot elements (and I'm not very sure he needed a (our-universe) rape for it, but oh well [*]). It's part one in a trilogy, and I'm ordering 2 and 3 as soon as 3 is out in paperback. I really really like the Neanderthal civilization (more inspired by the bonobo way of social interaction, so it might appeal to slashers).

[*] if this were fanfic, there would be insane rantings that "there should have been a warning!!!!"

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Sunday, January 18th, 2004
10:08 pm

HP: 'A Night Alone' by WishfulDreamer

HP: 'Give and Take' by Marks

HP: 'An unconventional Relationship' by srtcfics. ObsessiveCompulsive!Harry, but slightly too nice Snape for my taste.

HP: everything else posted in srtcfics. Some interesting pairings, including Harry/Hagrid.

GW: 'Velvet' by Kumiko and Kat Reitz
Extreme slave AU. reread.

GW (and others): 'Gundam Street Chronicles' by Kat Reitz
another extreme AU with 24/7 master/slave and slave auctions. another reread.

Sherlock Holmes: 'Knowledge' by brancher

HP: 'Curiosity Temporarily Replaced the Cat' by marksykins
Hermione/Draco. And there's a reason I'm listing them in this order... *g*

a bunch of GW, WK and YYH stories from this page. (If you read WK and haven't read Truth's stories yet, do so now)

LotR: 'Sublimation' by musesfool
really well-done Aragorn/Arwen. Arwen always knows when Aragorn takes a new lover.

HP: 'A Slip of the Tongue' by musesfool

HP: 'Enough' by musesfool
ouch. ouchouchouch. but brilliant.

Firefly: 'Temptation Waits' by musesfool

HP: 'Such Corruption out of Such Sweet Things' by musesfool
Narcissa, Bellatrix, Lucius

HP: 'Thy Sensual Fault' by musesfool
Remus/Sirius, Remus/James

Saiyuki: 'Honeymoon' by Hth
this has to be my favorite Saiyuki story. re-read, again.

HP: 'The Fire and the Rose II' by Abby and Domina
was looking forward to this sequel all year, and then I got yanked out of HP and into LotR 2 days before it finished posting. Finally got back to it. I like the first part better, but then, I *do* have a huge genderbender kink.

Also read bunch of hp100 drabbles. (I should probably just list all the communities where I read pretty much anything on the info page. *off to edit info*)

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Saturday, January 17th, 2004
11:18 pm

LotR: 'She Follows' by musesfool
Eowyn watching Legolas/Aragorn. Well, at the beginning, anyway...

HP: 'To Dream These Dreams', 'To Cast These Spells', 'To Heal These Wounds' by ze_dragon
oh, yum. There's Harry and Hermione and Remus and Snape (and bits of Ron and Dumbledore) and it deals with Voldemort and is very good.

HP: 'Nothing Like the Sun' by musesfool
Draco/Hermione. And I liked it. *boggle*. 's really good.

HP/BtVS: 'In Shadow' by musesfool
Sirius/Faith. like it.

HP/BtVS: 'Capable' by musesfool
Faith meets Snape. I like this set-up. I'd also like to read more of this (and I'd like to know what house Giles was in...)

HP/Sandman: 'So Many Monsters' by musesfool
Sirius meets some of the Endless.

HP: 'Flannel' by musesfool

HP: 'Four Things That Never Happened To Remus Lupin' by musesfool
reread - I'm very happy I found this again. 4 what-ifs regarding the Shrieking Shack incident and the consequences, each one with Remus sorted into a different house.

HP: 'Mother Knows Best' by musesfool
another reread. Molly is sure that the best partner for Bill would be Remus, despite the fact that Bill really isn't gay.

HP: 'The Game and How to Play it' by musesfool
reread again. Sirius/Remus, very nice blowjob.

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Friday, January 16th, 2004
11:01 pm

'Extremes' by Kristine Kathryn Rush
finished it today. liked it. Will have to see what other books the author has.

HP: 'Invisible To See' by FayJay
Draco story (so far). Haven't finished yet, but hey, I'm actually *reading* a story with Draco. 600K. Hmmm... *goes to bed with ebook*

rest of my free time was spent creating my own fanfiction with The Sims (found skins for YnM, Saiyuki, Fruits Basket, Gravitation, Ai no Kusabi and FAKE yesterday. Am now back to creating more X skins for myself)

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Thursday, January 15th, 2004
11:46 pm

'Extremes' by Kristine Kathryn Rush
sequel to 'The Disappeared'. amazon.com says it's a "futuristic detective thriller. Only started, but interesting so far.

read my way through most of the community throughout the day.

read all of the community.

CCS: 'Undeniable' by Hth (3 stories, follow the links at the end)
reread. oh, Touya and Yuki and Yue and dark. *yum*

CCS: 'Territory' by Hth
reread. Touya/Yuki. Not quite how I see the, but works.

Saiyuki: 'Honeymoon' by Hth.
reread. The only Sanzo/Goku that ever worked for me.

Saiyuki: 'Break of Day' by Hth

YnM: 'Clean Kill' by Hth

HP: 'Nantes Dulces' by Fabula Rasa
Snape/Sirius, about spanking.

HP: 'Oral Sex' and 'The Morning After' by Isis

HP: 'The Devil Will Drag You Under' by DementorDelta
reread. Hot chan-smut.

HP: 'The Help' by Aretina

HP: 'Once Upon A Time, In Egypt' by Josan
continue scrolling through the LJ entries for the other 11 parts. Snape and Bill.

LotR: 'MV' by Baylor
reread. Boromir's observations on Hobbits.

LotR: 'Advice', 'Advice Taken', 'Brithday's Eve', 'Iced Tease', 'The Challenge' and 'The Gift' by Theresa Green
Legolas/Gimli. not exactly very in character, but fun to read. Stories were posted to Axe_Bow, but I couldn't find most of them in an archive.

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
9:23 pm

'The Disappeared' by Kristine Kathryn Rush

read the whole book on the tram, going from home to work to uni to home. Liked it: SF and police procedures and alien aliens. Looking forward to the sequel.

no fanfic today: left home at 6:15, got home at 9:15, falling into bed now.

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